Bread Bowl with Soup

There’s a new way to experience one of your favorite comfort foods. Warm up this Winter with your choice of Izzy’s delicious soups, now served in a bread bowl. The chicken noodle I had was tasty as always. The best part was the flavor soaking into the bread bowl. After I finished my soup, I added pickles and hot sauce to the flavorful bread and made myself a little pizza-like snack. Use your culinary imagination however you like, but don’t let that delicious bread bowl go to waste.

You know Adam Turer from his attempt to take down Izzy’s 110 Reuben on Travel Channel’s Man V Food Nation.  Join us as Izzy’s challenges Adam to eat  his way through Izzy’s menu in one year.  Adam will share his thoughts as he tries each and every Izzy menu item, while journeying to all local locations throughout the year. Got a specific twist or combination you want him to try?  Leave us a comment on our Facebook page or our twitter account and we will have him try it for you.  As we gave our challenge to Adam, we only had two words: COME HUNGRY!

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