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Izzy’s wasn’t the only restaurant Adam Richman featured.  The Travel Channel series “Man vs. Food” was one of the most watched shows on the network throughout the shows 4 season existence from 2008 to 2012. The first three seasons consisted of Adam Richman completing various insane and difficult eating challenges. The fourth season however, Adam acted as a coach to other people who would be taking on these challenges as Adam himself had retired from competitive eating.

This interactive map outlines all the information they could ask for about every restaurant and food challenge featured on the show!


Interview with Chris Hartranft -110 Reuben Challenger



Today we share a recent interview with Chris Hartranft, who completed the 110 Reuben Challenge in our Florence location.  He is from Knoxville, TN and drove to Northern Kentucky to take the challenge after promotions began for Travel Channel’s Man V Food Nation Cincinnati episode.


How did you fare?

I completed the challenge in 29 minutes 40 seconds.


What brought you in to do the Challenge?

I found the challenge on the Travel Channel’s website promoting the Man v. Food Nation episode featuring Cincinnati.


Have you done other challenges and if so, how did the 110 Reuben compare?

I’ve completed about a dozen other challenges to date.  The 110 Reuben is one of the most difficult challenges I’ve encountered.


What was your favorite part of the challenge?

It’s tough to isolate a single element of this challenge to pick as a favorite.  First, I’d have to say the people.  John Bent and his staff were great!  They were as much a part of my challenge experience as the 110 Reuben itself.  In addition to the people, I’d have to say the food quality.  The Reuben was delicious.  This definitely contributed to my success in the challenge.


What put a hurt on you?

The bread…  While delicious, and absolutely perfect for the Reuben, It’s a lot of bread.


Best quote to summarize your experience

I departed Knoxville, TN on a Saturday morning to take on a food challenge at Izzy’s in Florence, KY that afternoon.  When I arrived, I got the challenge I was looking for, and more.  Not only was the sandwich enormous, it was delicious.  In addition, John Bent and his staff were great!  They seemed to be as excited about the challenge as I was.  It was a long way to go for “lunch” but it was definitely worth the drive.


I am envious of Adam Turer and the new challenge Izzy’s has offered to him.  I’ve browsed the menu on the Izzy’s website.  I don’t see a single item that I wouldn’t thoroughly enjoy.


Interview with 110 Reuben Competitor Matt Roberts


Today, we interview Matt Roberts who recently took the 110 Reuben Challenge at our Forest Park Location.

How did you fare?
I got half of it down and with about 8 minutes left I was completely
full and couldn’t finish it. TOO MUCH BREAD! I wasn’t ready for that.

What brought you in to do the Challenge?
I heard about the 110 before I heard Man Vs Food did it and had it

What was your favorite part of the challenge?
The food! Izzy’s food is awesome. The best Reuben’s anywhere.

What put a hurt on you?
The bread. The bun is just so big, and I’m not a big fan of rye
anyway, so that’s what did me in.

Best quote to summarize your experience
Well worth the effort. Izzy’s is great.

Any advice for future competitors?
Put the bun off to the side to start. I tried it, but after eating a
quarter of the sandwich, and the bun was already working on me. Also,
make sure to keep eating!

Any other thoughts, comments, etc
I can’t wait for my next visit to Izzy’s. A Goetta Reuben is calling my name.

Check out the video of me on my website,

Thanks! Everybody I was in contact with at Izzy’s was phenomenal.
Their hospitality was just as great as the food!