Interview with 110 Reuben Competitor Matt Roberts


Today, we interview Matt Roberts who recently took the 110 Reuben Challenge at our Forest Park Location.

How did you fare?
I got half of it down and with about 8 minutes left I was completely
full and couldn’t finish it. TOO MUCH BREAD! I wasn’t ready for that.

What brought you in to do the Challenge?
I heard about the 110 before I heard Man Vs Food did it and had it

What was your favorite part of the challenge?
The food! Izzy’s food is awesome. The best Reuben’s anywhere.

What put a hurt on you?
The bread. The bun is just so big, and I’m not a big fan of rye
anyway, so that’s what did me in.

Best quote to summarize your experience
Well worth the effort. Izzy’s is great.

Any advice for future competitors?
Put the bun off to the side to start. I tried it, but after eating a
quarter of the sandwich, and the bun was already working on me. Also,
make sure to keep eating!

Any other thoughts, comments, etc
I can’t wait for my next visit to Izzy’s. A Goetta Reuben is calling my name.

Check out the video of me on my website,

Thanks! Everybody I was in contact with at Izzy’s was phenomenal.
Their hospitality was just as great as the food!

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