Make Izzy’s Your Own!

The day before the Super Bowl, I went into my local Izzy’s and didn’t order anything on the menu. I just needed 3/4 a pound of Izzy’s scrumptious pastrami, my favorite deli meat. I was making a hot pastrami reuben dip for my Super Bowl party the following day.

(recipe here:

While I was sitting at the counter waiting for my bag of perfectly sliced meat, I struck up a conversation with another Izzy’s patron. He was at the counter to order a pound of Izzy’s famous corned beef, to take home and use in his own corned beef hash recipe. If you have a favorite Izzy’s ingredient, you can go to any Izzy’s location and request whatever you need to complete your dish. I also included plenty of Izzy’s pickles, sold at Kroger, in my recipe. Like the Izzytizers I’ve ordered for the party in past years, the hot pastrami reuben dip was a hit. Whether it be corned beef, pastrami, pickles, or any other ingredient, Izzy’s ingredients will boost your recipe and help make your dish irresistible.

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