The Lenten Special


If you want to eat fish on Friday, but weren’t persuaded by my review of the Cod Reuben, never fear: the cod sandwich is available every day during Lent for just $6.99.  In my opinion, it does not compare to the Cod Reuben, but the quality of the generous portion of the crispy, succulent cod has not changed. The cod sandwich keeps it simple, adding just lettuce and tartar sauce to a Kaiser roll. I recommend a side of Izzy’s coleslaw on the side and a Dr. Brown’s root beer to wash it down.

You know Adam Turer from his attempt to take down Izzy’s 110 Reuben on Travel Channel’s Man V Food Nation.  Join us as Izzy’s challenges Adam to eat his way through Izzy’s menu in one year.  Adam will share his thoughts as he tries each and every Izzy menu item, while journeying to all local locations throughout the year. Got a specific twist or combination you want him to try?  Leave us a comment on our Facebook page or our twitter account and we will have him try it for you.  As we gave our challenge to
Adam, we only had two words: COME HUNGRY!

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